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OM Doc is a web based general purpose online documents manage application. Use for fast & efficient documents management with minimum efforts.

Product Details

The OmDoc is an extremely powerful document manager and workflow solution for all your document handling requirements.

Share files in the client portal software with your customers in the cloud, All without cluttering their email, Make a good impression, and show off your brand.

Document Management software for the ultimate in workflow optimization and time-saving organisation tools.

  • ♦ Completely customizable to your business, advanced workflows unlock the power of automation.

    ♦ Always on and always accessible experience every piece of data at your fingertips.

    ♦ Data governance guarantees that your data is always safe, secure, and compliant.

    ♦ Manage unlimited users.

    ♦ Easy way for upload , download & manage documents.

    ♦ Documents manage with separate folder

    ♦ User enable & disable functionality.

    ♦ Notification functionality.

    ♦ Mobile & user friendly GUI application.

    ♦ Delightful customer service.

Course Teachers

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