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Stock Management System

OM Stock is a web based general purpose online stock management application. Use for fast & efficient stock management with minimum efforts.

Product Details

Stock management, or stock control, is the process by which a company keeps track of its stuff.

For a small business, the Stock management system consists on keeping track of items with Excel or QuickBooks or even pencil and paper may be sufficient, but as the business grows so does the complexity of the task.

Eventually a company adopts a Stock management system to bring organization and consistency to its records.

  • ♦ Automate everything, generate insightful reports, make better decisions.

    ♦ GST return file for CA.

    ♦ Easy way to generate bills.

    ♦ Customer & supplier credit amount installments functionality.

    ♦ Per month statistics auto mail in register mail id

    ♦ Generate GST bill and rough bill.

    ♦ Reporting of all important transaction.

    ♦ Mobile & user friendly GUI application.

    ♦ Delightful customer service.

    ♦ Secure , reliable & efficient data handling.

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